S8F’s competitive edge is built on thought leadership, technical talent, and years of investing exclusively in blockchain assets.

We are a team of finance professionals, portfolio managers, traders, and product innovators who embrace digital disruption and believe in its potential to transform markets, economies, and modern society.

Yuta Takahashi

Yuta has solid understanding of blockchain technology and the broader crypto ecosystem to help startup team identify, evaluate, and invest in novel technologies across cryptocurrencies, blockchain, DeFi, and web3. He has 4+ years with a portfolio of 25+ projects & companies.

Long Nguyen

Long Nguyen managing over $60 million of crypto assets. He previously served as Head of Business Development at Asia Leaders Fund. He founded S8 foundation in early 2018.


Yudus joined as a partner at S8F in 2019, where he focuses on the firm’s venture capital and early-stage token fund investments.. He has helped launch S8F Venture Funds and the firm’s token funds, executing over 10 investments.